Howdy there travelers, welcome to New Appleloosa. How can I help you fine folks today?
– Dodger
The Last Wanderer, Chapter Three.

Dodger is an Earth Pony from Fallout Equestria: The Last Wanderer.

Full Name Dodger
alias Dodge
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role None
Status Alive


Dodger originally worked at New Appleloosa as the protector of the town. He constantly helped the ponies there, trying to make sure that they were all happy and safe within his control. In Chapter Three, he encountered Tornado for the first time and seemed to greet him with pure happiness. In Chapter Six, on one of his routine hunts, Dodger was struck down by a huge creature and was later discovered by Tornado and Crystal who had been traveling together for the first few days of Tornado's Ascension; Chapter Six is when he joined Crystal and Tornado, promising to help them both on the journey they were on.

Present DayEdit

Dodger has been traveling with Tornado and considered him one of his closest friends. Same with Crystal. The three had been together ever since they had found Dodger's body in the Wasteland, all wounded and bloodied up. And along the way, Dodger has committed a few good deeds that has helped the ponies of the dying Equestria around them. And Violet (one of the newer party members) was sometimes on his mind. In Chapter Sixteen, Dodger was soon killed as he looked out of the cave the party had exited once they had retrieved Tornado and Crystal from the infirmary that Crystal and Tornado were in while healing. He had taken a sniper's bullet into the neck, and as soon as it made an impact, Dodge began to suffocate and bleed out. Tornado held him in his hooves; Dodge was dead within minuets.

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