Natascha looking upon Dodge Junction for the first time since regaining consciousness

Dodge Junction was a western city of Equestria, known for exports of cherries. Post war it is little more than a village with no real draw- keeping it out of the way of the more sentient dangers of the wasteland.

Buildings Edit


Doctor Wheat Grass' clinic room

Doctor Wheat Grass' House Edit

Wheat Grass's house sits on a hill overlooking the Saloon and train tracks of the town. It seems to be the equivalent of Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings

Dodge Junction Saloon Edit

The saloon is run by Cherry Smiles' mother, and was converted out of the old train station. There is a bar and pool table area in the front, with a small room through the back that is Cherry's workshop, and a door to the side of the bar that leads to somewhere unknown.


Dodge Junction Saloon


Cherry Smiles' room

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