Doctor Crutches
Race Unicorn
Sex Male
The boy just got shot, there’s no need to pester him this way. And, don’t point a gun at him with the safety on

Doctor Crutches is an elderly stallion who serves as the doctor in New Trottingham in Fallout: Equestria - Rise From the Ashes. He appears to be the only pony in the town who isn't afraid of Cinder and even saves his life by removing the bullets from his skull. He later shows little concern for his patients beyond their physical health by telling Skydive not to point a gun at someone (Cinder) with the safety on.

Relations Edit

Skydive and Ice Pack Edit

Skydive and Ice Pack live in Crutches' house in bedrooms in the upper level. The three trust each other like family, although they share no apparent ties by blood.

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