The justice you enact for yourself isn’t justice. It’s revenge.
– Desert Rose
Viva Las Pegasus, Chapter 4
Desert Rose
Commission desert rose by raritykaiba-d5sb469
Desert Rose, by RarityKaiba @ deviantArt
Full Name Desert Rose
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Wastelander / Farsight's Band
Family Uncle and Aunt Pewter (foster family, deceased)

Desert Rose is a unicorn filly and one of the main characters of Fallout Equestria: Viva Las Pegasus.



Desert Rose was born in the Equestrian Wasteland, in the outskirts of New Pegasus. Nothing is known about her biological parents, apart from the fact that they died; leaving little Rose under the care of the Pewter family. They lived in Freedom Field, but they were forced to leave due to Uncle Pewter's gambling debts with the Four Little Diamonds casino. Eventually, they were tracked down by the casino goons and were killed, leaving Rose alone against three gunponies.

Present DayEdit

When Farsight meets Desert Rose, she is pinned down in a ruined building outside New Pegasus, hunted down by three casino thugs that want to rape and kill her. Farsight kills the trio getting wounded in the process, and is healed by the young filly.

After that, Rose accepts Farsight's proposal to go scout the Wasteland together.



Rose is a pink unicorn mare with a straight red mane, striped in white. She has green eyes. Usually she wears a standard wastelander outfit, but she later substitutes it for a standard issue military camouflage cloak and a beret.


Rose is a smart filly, but her natural wits and intuition get balanced by a great deal of naivety. She usually sees the world from a noble, positive perspective, trying to think good and act good every time. Her adorableness makes her a great seller.


Rose is a natural born healer, able to handle medical supplies with great prowess. Also, her cuteness lets her catch the attention of the audience easily, allowing her to be a great merchant.


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