Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Dashite


Status Alive

Desert Eagle is one of the two main characters in the story Clearer Skies.


Desert Eagle is a pegasus pony from Stable 199. He's a highly skilled sniper, and knows Calamity. He wears a custom battle saddle that sports a rare .50 caliber sniper rifle called The Undoer. His best friend is Scopes .


Desert has a calm personality, and is a quick learner. He's not very tatically minded though, often leaving the planning part of a mission to Scopes.


Desert has a grey coat with a black mane. His green eyes are often covered by his precious pair of Aviator sunglasses, which he somehow never manages to scratch. His cutie mark is two .50 caliber pistol bullets crossed in an 'X' shape. He also sports a black PipBuck 4000 on his left leg, as he is left-hoofed.


Desert Eagle is an amazing shot, not as good as Calamity, but pretty close. He also is the master of juryrigging, being able to get just about anything to work, with extensive amounts of duct tape, of course.


.50 caliber sniper rifle, aka The Undoer

.50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol, aka Deagle

Spring-loaded baton mounted on front right leg.


Quick Scope: Best friend. They've known each other for as long as they can remember.

Calamity: Aquaintence. He sheltered Desert and Scopes on their first night in the Wasteland.

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