Dee by Tigresss
alias self-styled mare

the rejected one

Race Pegasus
Sex Hermaphroditus
So, as I said, I recently thought some things about death through... Because, you know, I was also horrible experiencing my first time... But today I've realized, that it wasn't worth it. You know why? Because there are ponies and motherfuckers! And motherfuckers deserve only death and suffer, they don't meant to be treated like others!
– Dee

Dee is a character from Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones. She is a hermaphroditus pegasus (but internally she feels herself as a mare) who was oryginally a dweller of Stable 118, but was later rejected outside along with Dethament. At the beginning of the story, she's eighteen years old grey pony with green and tan mane.

Story Edit

She was born at Stable 118, 78 years after The First Battle of Canterlot and 68 years after The Great War (in Takifuguniverse, headcanon completly independent from original Fallout Equestria). When her parents realises she's a hermaphroditus, they decided to left her, because having such different child was a shame in proud pegasus community of the Stable. She was forced to live in the old utility closed along with unicorn stallion called Dethament, who was also abandonned by parents due to his race. Security guards, by order of overmare, rised them until they have grow enough to live on their own. Due to their differences from the other stable dwellers, they have been outsiders of the community, often being called "useless trashes", and been beaten and ridiculed many times, most notably by stallion called Red Wing, who had particular fun with bullying Dee. After some time, Dethament learn how to shoot a weak non-lethal magic projectiles from his horn, so after he used this for the first time against the bullies, they have stopped mistreading him, but Dee wasn't had such a luck. Unicorn felt solidarity with her, so he befriend her and was protecting her from their opponents. One time, when they both were eighteen years old, Dethament unexpectedly encountered Red Wing and his colleagues beating and harrasing defenseless Dee, so he intervenied. Red pegasus underestimate him, so Dethament hit him with his spell. Even thought Red was not even harmed (just knocked down), he felt humiliated by being defeated by "useless piece of jung", so he compleined to his father, Filthy Anger, about the situation. Filthy informs overmare about it and proposed her an idea of killing Dee and Dethament, as being threat to the rest of dwellers. Overmare almost accepted this idea, however security guard commander called Honest Heart proponosed another solution, just rejecting them away from the Stable, as killing them would make other dwellers feel unsafe and that would later lead to riot. Overmare accepted Honest's idea, so Dee and Dethament were pernamently rejected from their Stable and left to die on the unfriendly sands of the San Palomino Desert, west side of the Equestrian Wasteland.

However, they menaged to survive and come to Maresprings, a small town located near New Pegas. They get a house, whose previous owners were murdered, and began working as gecko hunters, so they earn money to buy food and drinks. Here they met Ice Slash, town's doctor and Blindy, a lonely, blind young mare. They take her to the doctor and she started living with him. One day, local trader stopped buying gecko hides from Dee and Dethament, because of economical issues of the town caused as aftermatch of successful assault of town folks at the bandits that harrased Maresprings. The raiders were defeated, but many of town ponies was killed in process, that leaded to chaos in small town's economy. Dee and Dethament were forced to find another job. They reviced a letter from pony who called himself as 'Vance', in which he wrote them to meet him in New Pegas, and that he maybe get them work. Dethament saw this somehow suspicious, but after speaking to the Ice Slash, he realize that they have nothing to lose, and no better alternatives, so he and Dee starts journey to New Pegas next morning.

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