Littlepip shot by a Dart Gun being levitated by Velvet Remedy.

A Dart Gun is a craftable weapon, assembled from materials found in the wasteland.


The Dart gun is a non-lethal weapon, designed to paralyze living creatures. The gun uses a powerful elastic cord to launch a dart, that pierces a creatures skin and exposes them to the venom that each dart is tipped with. The venom used is Manticore-venom, which is harvested from the stinger of a manticore. 

The schematics for building a dart gun were discovered by Littlepip, inside the slaver armory in Old Appleloosa though she didn't gather the supplies to assemble one, until she reached Tenpony Tower. Littlepip's first dart gun was used to paralyze a mad ghoul scientist, but was given to one of his kidnapped victims. When Littlepip was shot in the chest by her second dart gun, she was paralyzed and unable to move, allowing Velvet Remedy to take her for treatment for her Party-time Mint-als addiction. 

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