Dapple Gray
Title Security Chief
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role World Tree Company
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Dapple Gray, introduced in Chapter 6, is World Tree Company' security chief, presiding over and controlling the company's defense forces. She is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn,  


Dapple Gray is a down to business mare, preferring to get whatever job she is doing done and without complications. She appears to have an uncaring, always irritated attitude, as experienced by Red Dawn's meeting with her, but she has an understanding of the terrors of the wasteland outside of the Stable-Tec tower, showing some pity and compassion for Red Dawn.  

She is determined to protect the work of Steam Sprocket, whom she admires, and will not tolerate any suspicious activity or activity that threatens the World Tree Company's operations, and will not hesitate to redirect or terminate the persons in question. Dapple Gray takes her job extremely seriously, and can be described as rather uptight.  


Dapple Gray has been working under Steam Sprocket for many years, and the two appear to be friends, if not close friends. It is hinted in her mannerisms that she might have a crush on Steam Sprocket. 


Dapple Gray is trained in operating magical energy weapons, and can control the Stable-Tec tower's defensive systems. 

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