The Cybercorn Carbine is a rare weapon, developed in Stable L04/ Stable Lab 04. The weapon is designed exclusively for unicorn use, this is because the population of Stable L04 was comprised entirely of unicorns.


The Cybercorn Carbine is a deadly weapon, capable of utilizing all matter of improvised ammunition so long that it is round, like ball bearings, marbles, clay balls and glass beads, each providing varying degrees of damage depending on the target, their armour etc. The carbine's can also fire armour piercing rounds and damaged or already used bullets and rounds. Cybercorn Carbines are battle-saddle mounted weapons due to their weight. The Cybercorn Carbines were developed and produced in Stable L04 making them exceedingly rare in the Wasteland.

The carbine utilizes the unicorns natural levitation spell into propulsion, so even with very little training can a unicorn fire the weapon, using his or her magic instead of gunpowder. Making the weapon one of many uses, always ready at hoof so long there is something round to fire with it.

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