Curly Fries
Title Star Paladin Curly Fries
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers
Status Alive

Curly Fries is a Steel Ranger in the Dise Contingent of Steel Rangers from Fallout: Equestria - Heroes.


Present DayEdit

Curly Fries introduces himself as a Star Paladin and tries to interrogate Flare. His attempts to beat the information out of Flare and threatening Hired Gun are wasted on Flare. He returns after failing to interrogate Flare, Hired sensed Serenity approaching and provided a distraction, allowing the filly to disable the armor of Curly Fries two Steel Ranger companions.

Hired threw the waste bucket from her cell at Curly Fries, before knockingh im out by throwing him into her cell. Curly Fries returns later, outside the NCA town of Snake Head, where he and a group of Steel Rangers tracked Flare. He threatens to assault the town if Flare isn't turned over. Flare leads Curly Fries and the other Rangers away. Curly Fries is later mentioned as being outcast from the Rangers for his actions.



Curly Fries is a birght pink stallion with a short cropped, green mane. He has a distinct mustache that notably droops.


Curly Fries is quite brutish and easily aggravated, especially when he is mocked for his name or appearance. He takes insults and failures personally, tracking Flare for days after his escape.


  • Curly Fries is jokingly blamed for things by Serenity and Hired Gun
  • Was Stripped of his rank and position in the Steel Rangers by the new Elder

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