The Cult of Speed are a pegasus exclusive group of wasteland mercaneries. Their name comes from their particular passion for moving fast, whether it be by land or in the air.


The Cult of Speed were led by their leader Bruise Cruise. They established their base of operations in an old airport hangar which is a literal junkyard/vehicular graveyard, dotted with pre-war aircraft and vehicles. The cult spend the majority of their time performing mercenary work or creating ever-more elaborate, customised vehicles.

Mach first met the Cult of Speed when Razorbeak went to retrieve information from them. The leader of the group he went to meet, Bruise Curise wanted further payment for the location of a unique weapon's company, but agreed to give up the location if Mach could beat him in a race, Mach would have to join the mercenaries if he lost. Bruise Cruise lost much to his shock, not expecting Mach to be as fast as he was.

The Cult of Speed are encountered again when Mach, Greaser and Razorbeak arrive at their headquarters, discovering that Ardent Vortex stole his Vertibuck from them and that they are fixing up a much more formidable, Raptor class cloudship. Mach confronts their new leader who stole a book from a group of Hexhounds, their leader turning out to be an identical copy of Mach in appearance.


The Cult of Speed are speed enthusiasts, who enjoy travelling at fast speeds. They are skilled at putting together ramshackle, yet effective vehicles including dunebuggies, motorcycles, airplanes and other bizarre vehicles. They also seem to have an obsession with the color red and flames, painting and decorating their vehicles with red paint and flame patterns.

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The Cult possess a wide range of vehicles and have a large number of Pegasi working for them. They are fairly effective mercenaries but currently lack the firepower to fight off power armored opponents, like Vortex's Enclave rebels.

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