Crystal Belle (Hidden Legacy)
Crystal Belle
The mare with the crystal voice.
Full Name Crystal Belle
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Unaffiliated
Family Rarity (Mother)

Father Unknown

Status Alive
Gonna take a trip to Pegasus.
– Crystal Belle
Crystal Belle is a Pony created by Project Legacy that appears in Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy.

History Edit

Conception and Childhood Edit

Like Rain Runner, Crystal was created by Project Legacy during the war in Stable 112.

Her upbringing is unknown, but she was likely raised in a virtual environment like Rain.

The Wasteland Edit

Crystal left Stable 112 the year before Rain did, she spent several months in Maresprings before finally leaving the town to head for New Pegasus. She made a brief stop in Neighton before heading on her way with a caravan.

She eventually wound up in New Pegasus and got into debt with the Chairponies. Since then she's served as a singer in the Double Diamond Casino.

Meeting Rain Runner Edit

One day she sang for a crowd that included Rain Runner, the daughter of Rainbow Dash who had come to the casino looking for her.

She told Rain that she couldn't leave because of her debt to the Chairponies. Her future is currently unknown.

Personality Edit

Crystal doesn't have very little in common with Rarity so far, she has mostly been shown singing, and she is known to be in debt, suggesting that she's a gambler.

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