Crowning Achievement, mentioned in Audio Log #001 but not named until Audio Log #004, is Screwloose and Shoeshine's mother.

Crowning is a minor character in the story Unscrewed Audio Files.

Crowning Achievement
Full Name Crowning Achievement
Race earth pony
Sex mare
Family Screwloose, (Daughter), Shoeshine (Daughter)
Status alive (pre-war/war)
  alive (presumed, Stable 2)

History Edit

Before the War Edit

She married and had 2 daughters: Screwloose and Shoeshine. Not particularly close to her daughters when they grew up. Even more so for Screwy after her accident.

During the War Edit

Mostly unknown, however she maintained a residence in Ponyville. She was contacted by Stable-Tec to be admitted into Stable 2, but never got back to them.

After the War Edit

Despite not being on the list, she likely made it into Stable 2. This is however unconfirmed and is pure conjecture.

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