Crosshair Statuette
Crosshair Statuette
~ DAfavicon Burnout42
Title Knight Crosshair
Race Zebra
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers - Wintertrot Contingent
Status Alive

Crosshair (a.k.a Knight Cross) is a zebra encountered by Inkwell inside the burning wreckage of his contingent's burning transport. Crosshair joins Inkwell and becomes his first Ranger.


Present DayEdit

Crosshair was first encountered within the burning wreckage of the downed Steel Ranger airship. He attacked Inkwell on sight, using a zebra rifle. Crosshair was incapacitated by a grenade and was saved from the burning wreck by Inkwell.

Crosshair claims Inkwell is responsible for him and begins following Inkwell. He is made a Knight of the Steel Rangers, much to his surprise, and takes to calling Inkwell 'Elder'. The two enter Wintertrot, encountering many of the city's dangers. They encounter a unicorn stallion whilst exploring the city, who agrees to join Crosshair and Inkwell.



Crosshair is a zebra with a white coat with black stripes and a mane striped black and white. His tail is a solid black and his eyes are orange, often giving piercing looks toward Inkwell.


Crosshair is cynical, especially regarding some of Inkwell's ideas. His sense of humor is very different to his companions. He has agreed to obey and follow Inkwell, though the exact extent of his devotion is unknown. He often offers warnings about Wintertrot's various dangers, helping to guide Inkwell through the city.


Crosshair is skilled in using rifles, particularly long range rifles like his zebra rifle. He is also stealthy, able to avoid detection with ease. He has a degree of medical experience, able to perform certain emergency medical procedures.


Crosshair owns a reconnaissance suit that was given to him by Inkwell and he uses a Zebra Rifle as his primary, long range weapon.

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