Crossed Wires was a Raider working beneath the settlement Stadium.


Crossed Wires was sent with Bone Black, Ivory and a disguised Ripple to scavenge in the tunnels beneath the Stadium. He kept mostly to himself and didn't join in, in much idle banter. Wires was instructed by Massacre that if they found what they were looking for, he was to kill anypony that was with him.

Crossed rigged the room that formerly held a Black Cube with explosives, thinking he could be made a member of the Paragons. Ripple tries to disuade him from blowing up the room, by pointing out the Paragons are only Stable 87 ponies and all friends, that they would probably kill Crossed Wires instead. Ripple reveals that he is in fact, a former Paragon, but Crossed Wires refused to listen and activated the explosives, killing Bone Black. Crossed Wires escaped back to the Stadium.

Massacre despite Ripple's prediction of him killing Crossed Wires, lets him live and has him and the rest of the Raider army at the Stadium move out. The army arrives at Blank where Crossed Wires is used as a sapper by the Raiders, stealthily sneaking up to the walls of Blank and laying down explosives which took out part of the wall. Ripple encounters Crossed Wires during the fighting but he escapes before Ripple could kill him, pursued by Ivory.

Ivory's pursuit of Crossed Wires continued, even after the Raiders left Blank. Ivory was seen pursuing Crossed by a dying Raider that Ripple and Ashred encountered on their way to Neighwere city. Massacre instructed the army not to interfere, claiming that Crossed wasn't worth it. Crossed Wires eventually made it back to Neighwhere, where he was captured by Ivory. He was brutally executed with a minigun, Ivory forcing the stallion to see how utterly pointless his actions back in Stadium had been.



He seemed very manic and desperate to please the Paragons, hoping to get accepted into their ranks. He was adamant about following through with his plans to kill Ivory, Bone Black and Ripple with explosives, even though Ripple pointed out that he would not get accepted into the Paragons.


Crossed Wires is skilled with explosives and stealth as he was able to rig a room with explosives and avoid detection whilst doing it.


Carries explosive equipment and rigging tools so he can set explosive charges.

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