My name is Cross, not Celestia or Luna. You probably didn't know that, so I'm only going to cut your frog this time. When I do this I want you to scream my name as loud as you can. Now... who’s your goddess?
– Cross, re-educating a 'student' on who is at the top of his hierarchy of prayer.
Rolling Bones, Intermission.
Cross (Rolling Bones)
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role The Arbitrors


Raised in slavery to be the both bodyguard and plaything of her master, Cross only found freedom at his death. A life of complete servitude left her ill equipped to survive on her own. Instead, she attached herself to her 'saviors', The Arbitrors and their leader, Oracle. Immediately falling back on her programming, Cross elected herself Oracle's body guard, whether he wanted one or not.

In the beginning, Oracle treated her no different than the other ponies he commands. That lasted until a single off the hoof comment put a bartender and two bouncers in a local hospital. Oracle quickly realized his mistake and has since begun attempting to teach her to be her own pony. The wisdom of this course is yet to be seen.


Her blood red coat and golden blonde mane give Cross a striking and memorable appearance even at a distance. Only visible from up close, her most telling features lay just below her coat. Scars run the length and breadth of her hide, from snout to dock there is not an inch of skin that has not suffered under whip and blade.

The most disconcerting aspect of her appearance, however, is the bomb collar that she wears. Deactivated upon her joining with the Arbitrors, she still refuses to remove the device.


Of the two weapons Cross carries, she heavily favors the zebra assault rifle. loaded with 7.76 NETO rounds which are strong enough to punch all but the heaviest of armors in the Wasteland.

As a back up, and for those close, personal encounters, she also carries a pump-action shotgun. The twelve gauge buckshot is enough to leave most opponents regretting their most recent life choices.

Never one to leave anything up to chance, she also carries two last ditch weapons. The first is a magic powered Tazer able to put most ponies on the ground with a single hit. More for personal use than a combat weapon, she also never goes anywhere without her standard issue combat knife. Ponies unfortunate enough to see her draw this blade tend to wish for the shotgun.

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