Crimson Company
Leaders(s) Crimson
Notable Members Aideen - slave (former)

Ailill - Solider

Rosetta - Radio morning DJ

Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Gaia Prevails

The Crimson Company is an agricultural, industrial, social and militant organization. They control the semi-nutricious ground around the volcano Mt. Mustang, and have their Headquarters in the former Hot-Spring Resort Colt's Well.

History Edit

When Crimson stumbled upon Stable Eight he came up with a plan of hacking the Stables sensors, tricking it into thinking the world is hospitable again, and opening its doors. Once the Stable was open he gained the trust of the ponies inside, arranged everything perfectly and enslaved them all. With the money he gained from dismantling and selling most of the stable and its population he was able to take over Colt's Well and reclaim most of the sold items and ponies.

Relation to other Factions Edit

Red Eye's Army Edit

While both factions openly hate each other and interfere with each others plans, both parties know an open war would do more harm than good. The risk of loosing the war or a third party interfering is way higher than what they will gain if they win the war.

Steel Rangers Edit

Both parties are in possession of technologies the other party wants, but like the relation with Red Eye's Army they cannot go to war against each other, for it means too much loss on both sides.

Goal Edit

The Companies goal is to become a real country and rebuild the Equestrian civilization for good.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

Notes Edit

  • They are dubbed a "slaver-superpower" like Red Eye's Army.
  • Like Red Eye's Army they have a honorable goal, but the ends justify their ethical dubious means.

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