Crack Shot is a dark blue unicorn buck from Stable 23. He is the main protagonist in the side story The Road Home. While normally calm and collected, he has a history of blowing his cool, sometimes putting those around him in danger.


Stable 23 was initially designed to keep the stables population in virtual reality stasis pods. The stables main population was comprised of high level military personnel and some of Equestrias brightest scientific minds. The stable would be 'woken up' fifty years after the last megaspell to make use of their abilities and begin to rebuild Equestria to it prior glory. This did not go as planned and the pods were opened early. The De Facto Overmare stepped in and had the pods reprogrammed to act as a combat simulator. Over the course of roughly 100 years the program was reworked and rewritten with information recovered from outside.

Recon TeamsEdit

{{{1}}} The Recon Team were originally designed to increase the Stables stability. Since the pods were opened early the extra stress on the stable's systems caused part to go bad before the surface was liveable. Teams were sent to locate water talismans, targeting talismans, and as much computer tech and weaponry they could get their hooves on. Crack Shot was accepted to 3rd recon team due to his marksmanship and leadership prowess.


The stables combat simulation featured PvP combat as well as BOT training. With any PvP setting, rivalries and alliances are bound to happen. Crack Shot has a intensely competitive rivalry with Cherry Bomb and his squad. He is quite open about his disposition towards Cherry, refering to him as 'Captain Dickhead'. Cherry Bomb is now acting as Head Recon Leader overseeing all other teams.


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