Race Alicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Crimson's Caravans
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Copycat is. She is a protagonist of the RPG campaign Fallout: Beyond Equestria and is played by uSea.



Copycat's past is mired in confusion in a patchwork of memories. After losing the sisterhood of the Unity, her telepathy began to reach out and connect with ponies around her to try and stave off the loneliness. She filled herself with the minds of others and gradually lost herself because of it. She cannot remember who she once was, having a mish-mash of second hand memories in place of her own.

Present DayEdit


Noble Heart -

Get Lost -

Kid -

Bookwright -

Shatara -



Being an alicorn, she has a larger frame than most, her coat and mane both being shades of teal.


Copycat (C.C.) is an alicorn without an ego. Due to years dwelling in the memories of others, her opinions are borrowed, her thoughts overheard, and her ideas spring from stolen experience. She doesn't even realise she's doing it. C.C. is desperate to please, as the only self-worth that she now knows comes from the eyes of other ponies. This has led to some... unsavory things which would have left another pony feeling used, but C.C. gains joy from the satisfaction of others. She wants to be needed and needs to be wanted. She is terrified of being left alone. C.C. finds it easy to talk with ponies and vice versa. It wouldn't be uncommon to find her having an indepth conversation about a subject she had never heard of before based entirely on the other pony's thoughts on the matter. Stay around for long enough and she'll adopt your accent and mannerisms, although she won't usually use them in front of you. It's this habit which gave her the nickname of Copy Cat. C.C. behaves strangely around Zebra and Griffins, often ignoring non-ponies completely since she isn't (yet) able to subconsciously read their thoughts. C.C. reacts to what other nearby ponies think of the creature, not what she thinks herself.


Due to her mind-reading , Copycat is very capable in speaking to others. She is also skilled in small firearms.


Hunting Revolver -
Combat Shotgun -


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