The Conductor was a Ghoul Aurora, Arsenal and Silent Requiem encountered after escaping some underground tunnels. The Conductor is initially suspicious of Aurora and her friends since he lives alone and hasn't seen anypony in awhile. He gets his news from the Radio which is how he recognized Aurora as a false Goddess/Alicorn. He is also surprised at seeing Arsenal, stating that he hadn't seen a Pegasus in a very, very long time.

The Conductor is a pre-war Ghoul who used to run a train line. He offers Aurora and her friends a tour of the trainyard, since he doesn't get many visitors, and only has feral ghouls for company. He doesn't appear to be aware that most of his train collection has rusted and rotted away into piles of scrap that are completely and utterly useless. He is very knowledgeable about the train models, even though they've rotted away into rusted metal scrap and provided detailed information and history on the trains.

Aurora tunes into a new radio frequency she picked up in the trainyard and realizes the Applejack Rangers are in danger. Aurora and her friends depart as the Conductor is finishing the tour. The Conductor says goodbye as they gallop off, asking them to stop by again.

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