Leaders(s) Dr. Zodiac
Notable Members Dr. Zodiac, Triage
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons

The Collegiate is a faction that was made when Big Daddy Reaper's party disbanded.


The Collegiate is a group of medical experts and doctors working out of the Hoofington University. They were founded by Dr.Zodiac after she left Big Daddy Reaper's group of friends; the Collegiate has access to more medical technology and techniques than many regular wasteland doctors, allowing them to treat numerous severe conditions.

The Collegiate also has it's own group of Assassin's, the Zodiac Clan who live and operate out of the Hoofington University. The Collegiate hires out the Zodiacs to kill or capture ponies, ironic since they're doctors whose primary concern is the preservation of life.

The Collegiate generates it's wealth by providing medical treatment to the wasteland or by hiring out the Zodiacs. Blackjack first meets the Collegiate when she arrived at the Fluttershy Medical Clinic/hospital being contested by the Collegiate and the Society. Blackjack solves the dispute and gets them to run the hospital cooperatively.

Blackjack encounters the Collegiate again when she emerges near the Hoofington University, from the underground tunnels. With Triage presiding, the Collegiate treat various aliments afflicting Blackjack and her friends and diagnose Blackjack with terminal cancer, caused by her exposure to taint. The Collegiate also treated Glory after the loss of her wing, though made it clear they would not provide long-term care when she lost the will to live due to the resulting depression.

Blackjack meets Dr.Zodiac and the rest of the Zodiac clan during her stay and learns about Project Steelpony. Blackjack would later send Dr.Zodiac the project data for Steelpony she retrieved from Flash Industries with the help of Enclave Intelligence, which Zodiac would later use in part to convert Blackjack into a Cyberpony.

The Collegiate's operation out of the Fluttershy Medical Clinic was attacked by Sanguine during his attempts to flush Blackjack out when she disappeared for three days; he killed the guards, but thankfully left the doctors and technology alone. Glory later arrived via teleportation with Lacunae in order to treat Scotch Tape for Chlorine Gas poisoning after the team was exposed to Killing Joke. Glory later performed an extensive organ transplant for Scotch and and a skin graft for Blackjack.

The clinic is up and running again by the time Blackjack & her friends leave. The Collegiate & Society hope to one day, be able to mass produce cybernetic limbs for the Wasteland at large using the information gained from Project Steelpony, though in the meantime are developing more simple implants and healing talismans for general use in the wasteland.

Despite their co-operation, relations between the Collegiate and the Society have remained strained due to their differing ideologies. To this end, Blackjack assisted the Collegiate (at Triage and Dr. Zodiac's request) by clearing out the old Roseluck Agrifarms center to supplement their food supply; while Blackjack was successful in clearing out the security systems, the site remains nonviable for the time being due to the critical levels of Enervation surrounding it.

Following the destruction of Shadowbolt Tower, the Collegiate's staff has been greatly bolstered by the arrival of displaced Enclave scientists.

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  • Along with the Reapers, the Society, the Finders, the Hoofington Steel Rangers chapter and the Harbingers, the Collegiate is one of the 6 groups created by the 6 friends who tried to clean up Hoofington three decades ago.
  • Run hospitals out of Hoofington University and the Fluttershy Medical Clinic
  • Have their own Assassins, the Zodiac Clan
  • Were on Steel Rain's list of Factions he would annihilate with The Celestia
  • Have access to Project Steelpony's data

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