Cloudy Melody
[[img 250px-Cloudy_Melody.png[/img]|225px]]
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Role Pre-war Soldier, Spellcaster
Family Dead
Eyes Cherry Red
Mane Light Ginger
Coat Lavender
Cutie Mark 3 musical notes peeking out from behind a cloud
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Cloudy Melody is the mare Unicorn main character of the Forgotten Light side story. She shares the POV with Silver Aura. Occasionally referred to as Cloud Melody (writer's error?).

During the WarEdit

She was placed in stasis prior to the Last Day. The stasis unit was in the Iron Hooves Military Base. She entered a stasis pod after Silver Aura, her commanding officer, entered.

Her entrance to the pod was not authorized, but because she knew how to hack the terminal she was able to prevent anyone from being able to bring her out of the pod without the proper password.

After the WarEdit

Stayed in Stasis for more than 200 years. During Stasis, remained conscious and had access to the cameras of Iron Hooves. Thus, she knows a bit about the wastelands prior to being saved by Silver Aura. After the stasis, they began to adventure across the northern portions of Equestria.