Coat described as fox orange with patches of white and mane described as fox red. Cutie mark a large Claymore sword. Claymari is a large over sized Earth Pony, this is because she’s part of an underground dwelling race of Earth Pony called the Dore. She travels with her adopted daughter Philia.

Claymari is known as the Sword Mare because she wiles an over sized magic sword called Crimson Bond. The sword gives her speed and agility far beyond the normal pony and combined with the her Dore strength and endurance that over powers almost any surface pony. This makes Claymari by herself is a formable force.


Not much is known about Claymari’s past at this point. Her father is the current king of the Dore. It’s unknown why Claymari Left her people, but some point she did get married to a normal Earth Pony and had a daughter with him.

Claymari’s husband and daughter was slaughtered by Zebra and they captured the her and stuck in a slave train. There she meets a pregnant Unicorn named Storge. One day a magical meteorite hits the slave train breaking open the cage that Claymari and Storge was in. Within the crater Claymari finds the sword Crimson Bond and uses it to fight her way to escape with Storge.

While escaping Storge goes into labor and they had to hide from the Zebra as she gave birth. Unfortunately Claymari accidentally kills Storge in an attempt to keep her quiet well birthing to keep them from getting caught. Claymari then takes Storage’s foal named Philia and escapes.

Philia stayed with Claymari as she was growing up, experiencing the many adventures. There was a point well Claymari left Philia with her own kind to have a Unicorn education and magical training. But Claymari soon became wanted in the Unicorn Kingdoms for the murder of Storge ordered by Philia’s father Eros.

At some point Claymari and Philia meets Zero Endless and he joins them to have adventures too.

Special AbilitiesEdit

*for abilities caused by sword Crimson Bond.

·        Dore strength and endurance,

·        above average speed, (magically enhanced*)

·        magically light weight body, (caused by sword*)

·        Flash Step,(limited bursts of super speed*)

·        Sonic Sword Boom, (a shockwave caused by fast sword swings*)

·        the ability to walk on clouds like a Pegasus,*

All sword abilities granted, stays with the user even without physical contact with the sword of over a series of days.

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