Cirrus by pridark

~ DAfavicon Cirrus by pridark
Title Sergeant (Enclave)
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Enclave - Sergeant (former)

Cloud Nine-Two - Commanding Officer (former)

Family unnamed parents
Status Alive

Cirrus is a main character in Fallout: Equestria - Gaia Prevails, and is officially the cute one of the group.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Cirrus hinted that she didn't get along with her parents. They weren't members of the Enclave so she signed up for Basic Training as soon as she was old enough to do so and escape her parents.

As Commanding Officer in Cloud Nine-Two Edit

Cirrus escaped further and got stuck as in Cloud Nine-Two. As only member of the Enclave in the settlement she was the highest ranking officer and had to perform the duties of the commanding officer, such as handling the police department.

Present Day Edit

When Aideen showed up in Cloud Nine-Two and stirred up the Enclave, Cirrus volunteered to follow her as a double agent, but in truth she had already become friends with Aideen and stays with her and Turbulence in the Wastelands as a Dashite.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Cirrus has a bluish, but almost perfectly white coat and a short deep indigo mane. She calls herself a little chubby, especially when compared to Aideen. After she left the Enclave she had no access to treat her contact lenses anymore and has to wear glasses again. She is considered adorable. Her cutiemark is a folder and a pencil.

Talents Edit

Cirrus' special talent is 'organizing', she can bring order to chaos. During her time in the Enclave's basic training she learned how to handle herself in a fight, how to shoot and maintain an Energy Weapons. As CO of Nine-Two she experienced what it means to lead a small settlement.

Personality Edit

Although all the she has been through and all she has seen, she still believes everyone deserves a chance and should receive a fair judgement.

Relationships Edit

Aideen Edit

While thinking Aideen was part of the Enclave Cirrus thought of this as a chance of finally getting laid; as CO of Cloud Nine-Two everypony was somewhat afraid of her and she had no chance of doing so ever. But as Aideen rejects Cirrus initially, she develops a crush on her, and later volunteered to help Aideen with her issues. Cirrus was also the one to point out Craft's nature to Aideen.

Turbulence Edit

Cirrus and Turbulence, became Dashites at the same time and started to travel together with Aideen. As he seems to be fond of Aideen too, a rivalry starts to form between them.

Her parents Edit

After becoming a dashite she was asked if her family would maybe search for, or worry because of her, but she negated it.

We weren’t really a shining example of a family.
– Cirrus
Chapter Ten: Family

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