Ugh… are you sure they shot me? It feels like they took turns winding up and bucking me in the face… there were about a hundred of them, right? Feels about a hundred...
Full Name Cinder
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Mirage (former)
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Cinder (originally: The Protagonist) referrs to the main character of Fallout: Equestria - Rise from the Ashes.

History Edit

First MemoriesEdit

Cinder was found a short distance outside of the town of New Trottingham by a pegasus mare named Skydive, at which time he had been shot a multitude of times and appeared to be dying. She brought him to Doctor Crutches, who removed what bullets remained lodged in his body and healed him. It was discovered that Cinder suffers from severe amnesia and is unable to recall anything about himself, including his name. Despite the doctor's requests, New Trottingham elects to evict Cinder from the town. He accepts the decision and treks out into the Marejave Watelands, soon accompanied by Skydive, who refuses to give her true reasoning for following him.

Recent PastEdit

According to Tamber, one of the definitely-not(c.5) ponies leading Mirage, Cinder is one of the founders of the town.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Cinder is an Earth Pony stallion with dark charcoal coat, and a dark grey mane with a red streak. He has dark blue eyes, and his cutie mark is an X below a wisp of fire.

Abilities Edit

His body build belies a great deal of strength. Capable of crushing large wild animals underhoof, and even crushing a pony's skull with ease, it is unknown just where this strength stems from. He often refers to it as "unnatural". As well, he also possesses the ability to cause devastating burns to things he comes into contact with. This power is not under his control, and has been noticed to have not been active at times. It appears to be under the influence of an unknown second entity residing in Cinder's conscious.

Personality Edit

Cinder has a very emotionally-charged personality. As a result, it tends to be quite malleable, and he changes emotional state consistently. These changes, however, tend to flow with the current situation he's in. For example, he was quite childish while traveling with his companion Skydive, but only minutes later went into a state of incredible focus that showed impressive, split-second analytical skills while fighting a Crystal Ganger in the town of Prim.

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