Cherry Smiles
Cherry Armored
Cherry in her default armor
Full Name Cherry Smiles
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Dodge Junction
Family Barmare (Mother)
Status Alive
You will admit, you've been dying to know what's in that package- usually couriers don't know exactly what the contents of their deliveries are. This is a rare opportunity to sate your curiosity. Sure would be a dick move to hold it off any longer.
– Narrator
Fallout Equestria: Marejave Page 2

Cherry Smiles is a character appearing in Fallout Equestria: Marejave a teenaged unicorn with a proclivity towards technology. She first meets Natascha while almost burning the griffon with a soldering torch.

History Edit

Background Edit

Cherry is the daughter of the owner of the Dodge Junction Saloon. According to Doctor Wheat Grass, she knows a bit about survival in the wasteland. She appears to be closely based on the character of Sunny Smiles from New Vegas- though the the difference in demeanor and interest in technology seems to set the characters apart.

Her cutie mark and the fact that Wheat Grass had entrusted her to fix the delivered Pip-Buck suggests that she is skilled with technology- most likely having Science as a tagged skill. This is confirmed when she offhandedly explains that she got her cutie mark when messing around with a computer terminal hooked up to the town's power supply in the old school house in Dodge Junction.


Cherry's first facial appearance

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