Charmer is an earth pony mare who travels the Wasteland of New Oatleans with Shayle and Felix


Charmer was born to a single mother who hunted the creatures that stalk the waters and lands around New Oatleans. At a young age, the filly and her mother lived with a stallion she calls Papa, but she makes it very clear that he was not and is not her father, nor does she see him as such. 

While helping her mother hunt, the filly learned her talent for playing the flute and mastered its use for charming snakes and other creatures with music. Charmer claims that during a hunt, she would find and tame a target while her mother moved in and killed it, something that didn't seem to bother her one bit despite how deadly the monsters they hunted could be.

When Papa died after being caught in a gunfight, Charmer and her mother moved away from the city and ended up in the town of Shanty, north of New Oatleans. The mayor was apprehensive about a filly her age living in the town, but they ended up winning their citizenship on a bet that Charmer could find a job before her mother could.

While growing up in the village, Charmer got close with many of the older residents who were more than happy to help her mother raise the filly, even teaching her how to shoot. Her mother died at an old age, but Charmer doesn't talk about her death much. She only states that she quickly started dating once her mother passed until the day she met Strike.

Charmer claims that she left a buck named Bullwhip for Strike after he won a fight against the mare's buckfriend, and the two were together ever since then.

A few years later, she met Shayle and Felix after trying to kill them, believing that the two were spies for the Remnant trying to scope out the town. Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, Charmer and Strike were more than happy to get the two young zebras shelter and work, and she and Shayle got along pretty well despite their rough start.

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