A running list of characters appearing in Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth.

Main Characters Edit

The following are more or less permanent members of Fast's party, travelling with him for extended periods on his adventures in the Commonwealth Wasteland and those he considers his new post apocalyptic family, listed in the order introduced.

Fast Times

Princess Jade

Platinum Glitter

Valkyrie Bloodtail


Witching Hour

Secondary Characters Edit

These characters travel or live with Fast Times at various points in the story, often granting companion perks once they've grown close enough, but frequently leave the main party only to show up again later.




Supporting Characters Edit

The following characters are various residents of the Commonwealth Wasteland that Fast has come into contact with throughout his travels. They are listed by faction in the order that the faction is discovered and by their importance within that faction.

Stable 111 Edit

An experimental 'Stasis Stable', Stable 111 became Fast's home on the Last Day when he fled there with his family as a foal. Divided into 10 'Shifts' of 100 ponies each, only one Shift is awake for a year at a time, the rest spending their time in stasis. In this way, Fast grew up safely within Stable 111 over the course of more than a century.

Overmare Surefoot (Shift 3)

Overstallion Rocky Shores (Shift 4)

Bright Skies-Times

Olden Times

Better Times

Maintenance Head Sprockets

Sunset Mist

Grizzly Sands

Heaping Ladle

Hearty Forks

Autumn Mist

Followers of the Apocalypse Edit

The Followers of the Apocalypse are a faction that appeared years after The Day of Sunshine and Rainbows.They are dedicated to improving the conditions of the Equestrian Wastelands, and are led by Velvet Remedy. The Followers provide medical care to anypony who is in need.


Tender Smarts


Honey Dew


Minutemares Edit

A group dedicated to the protection of the common ponies 'At a minute's notice', the Minutemares are a militia styled faction with a history in the Commonwealth, nearly wiped out and down to the last Minutemare in beginning of the story, they grow and rebuild into a type of wasteland police force.

Preston Gardens

Cloud Spinner

Badda Boom

Spinning Gears

Greasy Spoon

Onyx Operator

Pepper Pot

Cool Jets

Kingdom of Sanctuary Edit

A settlement built on the ruins of Fast's prewar home subdivision of Sanctuary Hills, the Kingdom of Sanctuary is an accepting collection of wastelanders looking for a better way.

Sturges Circuits

Mama Xara

Sassy Saddles



Long Jump

Cloudy Sun

Short Stack

Crimson Caravans Edit

A wide ranging caravan company, first to acknowledge and make the trip to Sanctuary.

Dusty Hooves

Hexington Edit

The nearest settlement to the Kingdom of Sanctuary and first trip out to the wider wasteland, Hexington is built in a heavily irradiated industrial area and surrounded by zombies.

Mayor Lash

Oblige Heart

Elder Zin

Rusty Clank

Copper Coil

Doc Scalpel


Misty Breeze

Squall Surge

The Brotherhood of Friendship Edit

Formed by a collaboration between a chapter of Applejack's Rangers and former Grand Pegasus Enclave, the Brotherhood claims to be on a mission to undo the mistakes of the past and help put Equestria back as it should be. Coming to the Commonwealth aboard their repaired cloudship the Prydwen, the Brotherhood is on their own expedition at the request of the New Canterlot Republic.

Elder Macson

Lancer Captain Winter Gale

Proctor Pop Quiz

Proctor Candygram

Knight-Captain Spade

Captain Swells

Star Paladin Steel Dance

Senior Scribe Summer Wind

Lieutenant Crimson Dawn

Knight Whirling Dervish

Knight Grey Goose

Medic Poultice

Knight Boomer

Knight Barrel

Knight Pine

Scribe Sakura Blossom

Scribe Butterscotch

Church of Balefire Edit

An Institute created front to collect data on those most affected by radiation, the Church of Balefire is a secretive cult tempting alicorns, ghouls and those suffering advanced radiation sickness and mutation with hopes for a cure through the 'holy glow'.

Lady Evergreen

The Confessor



The Institute Edit

The boogeypony of the Commonwealth, the Institute is a shadowy group of mad scientists originating from the Commonwealth Institute of Arcane Technology, operating behind the scenes to this day and performing experiments on the ponies of the Commonwealth.

Dr. Dala

Dr. Vega

Dr. Klein

Dr. Swirl

Dr. Gleam

Dr. Mobius

Krispy Kellogg

Diamond City Edit

The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth, Diamond City is the defacto capital of the Commonwealth. Centrally located in the heavily fortified ruins of the stadium of the Trotson Redhooves, it's a center of commerce for the region.

Govenor Slim McDonut

General Stalwart Stone

Haycom Svengallop

Bullet Bishop

Silver Seed

Countess Couture

Neighson Svengallop

DJ Traveling Miles

Nick Hearts n' Hooves

Piper Penmare

Dr. Cotton Swab

Corona Light

Bartender Bobrov

Miss Cyberlee

Mr. Zwicky


Stable 114 Edit

A still functional Stable not far from Diamond City, Stable 114 revolved around managing the population's mood and aggressive behavior through the use of unique psychoactive drugs.

Overmare Crystal Petal

The Pale Pair Edit

A pair of 'entrepreneurs' with no allegiance to anyone but their own little faction.

Fancy Star

Freya Frostclaw

Red Rocket Couriers Edit

Started by an enterprising dashite decades ago, Red Rocket Couriers operate out of a number of the eponymous sky carriage stations around the Commonwealth, offering to ship correspondence, packages and ponies for a price.

Burny Jets

Rocket Jets III

The Gunners Edit

The toughest mercenary company in the Commonwealth, the Gunners take any contract or bounty and have their own designs on the region.





Jack Knife

Storm Surge


Sunshine and Rainbows Co-Op Edit

A small farming community not far from Sanctuary.

Wilted Sprout

Silver Seed Agriculture Edit

A corrupt business empire controlling a monopoly on most of the farms in the Commonwealth through slave labor and indentured servitude.

Silver Seed

Hail Mary


Bunker Hill Edit

A trading hub and way station for caravans on the outskirts of the Trotson ruins.

Kettle Corn

Stuffed Raviolli

Cheese Raviolli

Mr. Stock

The Railroad Edit

A group of ponies and synths fighting to resist the Institute and free sentient synths from their service.


Bright Beacon



Trinity Tower Edit

The Trotson Ministry of Arcane Sciences hub and home to a colony of isolated alicorns.









Goodneighbor Edit

A major settlement within the ruins of Trotson, built around the sealed Ministry of Morale hub. Goodneighbor is the party capital of the Commonwealth and a rival of Diamond City.

Mayor Shamrock


Caramel Divine

Memento Mori



Silly Hat

Cats Paws

Lone Gain

Light Fantastic

Sticky Wicket

The Kings Edit

A gang out of Goodneighbor led by a Diamond City noble and specializing in the weapons trade.

Bullet Bishop


Rowdy Rouser

Hulking Rock

Finch Farm Edit

A small family homestead farm not far from County Crossing.

Ham Finch

Rose Finch

Goldie Finch

Bull Finch

Mr. Spade

Eclipse Edit

A seaside fishing community in the ruins of a resort town built under the shadow of Castle Equinox

Captain Salty Swim


Mint Twist

Shiny Lure

Jamocha Plains Edit

An agricultural trading hub and 'Gateway to the Southern Commonwealth'.

Cocoa Latte

Chicory Grande

Steamed Milk

Dr. Butterscotch Creme

Salt Lick Edit

A tribe of Minotaur hunters living in the western Commonwealth.

Chief Steelfist

Sledge Smasher

Large Marge

Breezie Nation Edit

Known locally as fairies, fairy breezies, forest spirits or gremlins, the Breezie Nation is a hidden country of mutated breezies living in the Trotson Ministry of Peace hub.

Queen Ether

Tingle Smoke

Spring Gale

Blowing Storm

Whisper Whip

Misty Wisp

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