Chancer stable barding
Chancer in Stable 22 barding (Image created by StormbadgerXIII)
Title (Unknown at this time)
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role (Unknown at this time)
Family Tester (father)

Lucki (mother)

Status Alive
Chancer, introduced in the prologue of Fallout: Equestria - Truth or Dare, is a Earth pony stallion and the main character in the aformentioned side story. He is a Wasteland wanderer, exploring the Detrot Region of the Equestrian Wasteland . Prior to becoming a wanderer, he was a Stable 22 resident.



Chancer was born in Stable 22, a Stable three miles north of Detrot, to Tester (father) and Lucki (mother). He worked on the Stable maintenance crew as a heavy-lifter.

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the fiction progresses.



Chancer is athletically built, with a unkempt short orange mane and a light brown coat. His cutie mark is a pair of red dice. He wears his Stable 22 barding.


Chancer is energetic and can't stay still for too long without feeling tense. He loves exploring and the feeling of discovering something new, a need he couldn't satiate for long in 22. Unfortunately his tendencies tend to get him into trouble with the authorities.


He has virtually no gun skills whatsoever, having never even seen a firearm in person. He is, however, good with melee weapons (including empty guns used as glorified clubs). He is also pretty good at speaking to others, mainly from his attempts at talking his way out of trouble. And, due to his need to see as much of the Stable as he could, he also learned basic lockpicking.


He has an amber-screened PipBuck, but otherwise has virtually nothing of note.


Major charactersEdit


Chancer considers Sandy a rival of sorts; Chancer's activities usually bring Sandy in to stop and punish him. Despite their animosity, he finds her 'cute'.

Behind the scenesEdit


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