You wanna know who I am? I am going to be your new owner! How do you you like that? You might have been dragged in here and given tough times, but I'll tell you now you haven't seen the real depths of Fillydelphia yet! My name is Chainlink Shackle, worm! But you will only call me by one thing. To you, I am nothing but The Master, understood?!
– Chainlink Shackles
Chainlink Shackles
Full Name Chainlink Shackles

aka The Master

Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Status Alive

Chainlink Shackles is the primary antagonist of the series Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven. He is a lieutenant, working under Protégé with sadistic dreams of power, to rise through the ranks and take Protégé's place as a Slave Master.

Described by Murky Number Seven as "The opposite side of the coin". Chainlink is as much a Slaver as Murky is a slave.



Chainlink Shackles (aka The Master) was born and raised as a slaver. He learned to see all others as nothing but property to be used for his own ends and disposed of when no longer useful.

He gained a terrible reputation for cruelty -even by Slaver terms- and is respected and feared in equal measures by other slavers.

Modern DayEdit

Chainlink works under Protégé as an overseer and lieutenant. He controls the day to day lives of the slaves under Protégé's command, assigning work details, punishments and rewards.

Behind Protégé's back he is plotting to overthrow Protégé and take his place as a Slave Master. While his plans begin with taking control of the raider slave forces in the mall, Chainlink had hinted that he plans to become the biggest slave master in all Fillydelphia, perhaps all Equestria. He may even wish to take Red Eye's place.

He plotted with the Barb to get the raider to start a riot and take control of the mall. During the battle to retake the building Chainlink abandoned his master and did not provide the back-up he was supposed to, managing to use fear and intimidation to ensure many slavers also held back.

He was given control of the mall and its stock after Protégé was disgraced in the wake of the riots. Chainlink qickly established his brutal regime by forcing workers to pull triple shifts to repair the mall as quickly as possible. He even withheld food rations to be a motivation to work faster.

When Murky Number Seven sneaked into a seemingly abandoned metro station he discovered the majority of Chainlink's slave stock in conditions described as shockingly brutal even by the standards of Fillydelphia. In the station Chainlink was literally working his slaves to death. They were broken in both body and spirit, starved and weakened by the mistreatment they were so indoctrinated by the abuse that when one slave was commanded to stand, they all stood up. When a slave finally dropped dead they were simply tossed aside into a storage cupboard until they were moved to an incinerator.



A mangy dark brown coat while and a mane of filthy grey. He possesses a huge girth atop powerful looking legs. He was not obese, rather just largely built with a lot of weight and power, even if a lot of it was fat. His mouth is filled with rotting and often missing teeth


Cruel and sadistic. Chainlink enjoys causing pain and suffering to the slaves under him. He sees all others as disposable commodities to be used until they are no longer useful then disposed of.

He is quick to anger and will not hesitate to kill any pony or griffin who annoys him.

Chainlink takes particular delight in breaking ponies spirits and has a variety of brutal verbal physical and psychological techniques to do so, all of which could be considered torture. Yet he has some restraint as his techniques are intended to hurt, shock and frighten but not injure with bruises or cuts.

Examples of these physical and psychological techniques were performed on Murky Number Seven. He began by exposing Murky's wings and parading him through the streets to be exposed to the hatred and fury that ponies hold against pegasus ponies.

Secondly he used a high-pressure firehose on Murky when the pony did not react fast enough to his commands. The high pressure water was cold and painful but left no lasting mark.


Chainlink wears high quality leather barding and metal plates that hang with trinkets and small bags.

In these bags hang Whips, clubs, knives and a magical energy stun rod all within reach of his mouth.


  • Chainlink once taunted Murky with the prospect of being his biological father. This was, most likely, another psychological assault designed to break Murky's spirit. However this is unconfirmed either way.
  • Chainlink has a reputation for keeping certain slaves as "pets", even keeping a collar and leash attached to his barding. Murky Number Seven is the next pet he has in mind.

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