Celestia's Acre is a large community of wastelanders and ex-stable dwellers located beneath the ruins of cetral Los Pegasus.



When the stables opened in and around the Los Pegasus area, pilgrims began to filter into the heart of the city to scavenge.  One such group had much success governing their own stable.  Before long, other groups adopted their laws and customs and a community was made.


  • The governing group began calling themselves the Fire Stones and have been in control of the area ever since. They consider themselves a loose "family" and now elect leaders democratically.
  • Located west and south of the Fire Stones, the BP-16 is a conservative group of San Palomino descendants antagonistic to several ideals of the Fire Stones.  Originally derived from a street gang, the BP-16 has developed into a thriving community.
  • The Bay Overlords are a criminal "family" tolerated by many residents of Celestia's Acre.  They're known to trade in chems , slaves and lust.
  • The Mascarpone family was another crime family.  They were recently exterminated by the BP-16
  • The Steel Rangers have one chapter in the city in the Equestrian Royal Coast Guard bunker, near the coast.  It is surrounded by BP-16 territory.  Two others are in outlying areas.
  • The Grand Pegasus Enclave has one known base of operations in Celestia's Acre at and above the Equestrian Royal Skyport.
  • Invictus, a terrorist or freedom fighter group (depending on your point of view), resides in several high-rise structures in a section of the city where the Withershire, Applewood and La Neigha districts converge.
  • A hardened gang of mindless savages, the Crazy 8's have been encroaching on the east side of every district.

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