'Help all those who need help.' That's what Helpinghoof told me.
– Caduceus
Full Name Caduceus

aka Mr. Healer

Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Status Alive


Caduceus was an Earth Pony nurse working in Fillydelphia in Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven. He became the fourth member of the group consisting of Glimmerlight, Brimstone and Murky Number Seven. He serves as healer and does his best to treat the multiple injuries the group regularly receive.



Caduceus grew up within the community of Tenpony Tower. He originally wanted to be a trader within the tower but his parents pushed him into medicine. He studied under Doctor Helpinghoof and became quite a talented nurse.

After being snatched by Red Eye's slavers he was taken to Fillydelphia where he was put to work in the slave hospital.

Present DayEdit

Caduceus was one of many healer ponies brought to the mall to treat Protege's injured slaves following a battle with Steal Rangers to take a stable. While there he formed a relationship with Glimmerlight.

He met Murky Number Seven shortly afterwards and treated his injuries after he was badly beaten by Barb's raiders. He quickly established himself as the healer of the group, constantly treating their injuries with whatever he could scavenge.

His status as a healer allowed him a certain amount of freedom in moving around Fillydelphia -provided he still turned up to his work shifts at the hospital. This allowed him to spend his free time in the mall with Glimmerlight despite not being one of Protege's slaves.

He agreed to come with the group (or, more specifically, Glimmer) when they escaped Fillydelphia. He also promised to help by gathering any medical supplies he could get his hooves on in the hospital.

After Barb's raiders took control of the mall, Caduceus joined the battle to retake the building in a healer capacity. He stayed as far away from the fighting as he could to treat the injuries of slaves and slavers with his limited resources.

Caduceus died during the raid when forced, by Barb, into a game of Six Shooter Surprise. A game resembling real world Russian Roulette.



Caduceus has in-depth medical knowledge and experience in treating injuries with little to no supplies. He is loyal to his friends and to the memory of Fluttershy and his mentor Dr. Helpinghoof who taught him to always help ponies in need be it slave or slaver.

Caduceus has little to no skill with firearms but has been seen to use them in self defense.


  • The caduceus is a traditional symbol which features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is often used as a symbol of medicine, especially in the United States. The two-snake caduceus design has ancient associations with trade, eloquence, trickery, and negotiation. Either coincidentally or purposefully, these are personality traits Caduceus (the pony) possesses.

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