Fly over and lay down explosives. Made this baby myself. So I call her Bunker Buster!
– Flare
Heroes - Chapter 9

Bunker Buster is the uniquely named battle-saddle, belonging to Flare. It appears in Fallout: Equestria - Heroes.


Flare created Bunker Buster whilst he was a member of the Enclave Remnants. He used Bunker Buster on numerous missions, but most notably, the mission that earned him a promotion to  Captain. When Flare left the Remnants, they confiscated the weapon, but relented, giving it back in exchange for Flare not destroying any more computer labs.

Flare has carried Bunker Buster as his primary weapon since meeting Hired Gun, continuing to use it when he rejoined the Remnants.


Bunker Buster is a battle-saddle equipped with two grenade rifles. The grenade rifles are mounted so they rest of Flare's shoulders, rather than on his side, like most battle-saddles. The grenade rifle barrels have been modified so they fire at a downward angle, allowing Flare to fly above his enemies and perform bombing runs with ease.

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