Bullet Holes
Bullet Holes
Bullet Holes performing a Headbutt. Art by
~ DAfavicon Demon-Keychain colouring by
~ DAfavicon afriendlyhobo
Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Raiders, Herself and her Son.
Family Slug

Bullet Holes is one of the main protagonists of the webcomic Raider and Kid. She is the mother of Slug and works to keep herself and her son alive in the Equestrian Wasteland. She is seen performing acts of violence frequently and hopes to give Slug a better life.


She and her Raider group struggle to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland. She is shown teaching her son how to fire a sawed off shotgun early on and watches him practice lifting Rosemary. Bullet Holes has had to kill mercenaries who've been paid to kill her and her group and she has had to kill her fellow Raiders on occasion.

Bullet Holes and her group/gang were betrayed by the Raider Shrapnel. He was tired of the Raider lifestyle and wanted to join the mercenaries he was leading to their camp. Bullet Holes managed to kill the mercenaries but was ambushed and overpowered by Shrapnel. She was saved at the last second by Slug who levitated his sawed-off shotgun over to Shrapnel's head and blew the top half of his head away.

Bullet Holes wept over Slug who was dying and after singing a particularly tearful version of Hush now, quiet now, she buries Slug's presumably dead body. She leaves to venture out into the wasteland and die.

Bullet Holes returns in the sequel comic, Second Chances.

She also appears again briefly in Slug's Heart & Hooves day special which is a prequel comic, encouraging him to take initiative and ask out Nails.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

She has been shown as a fairly capable cook, cooking Radroach meat, Fancy buck cakes with a coating of sugar bombs, and a broth consisting of various ingredients.

She has been shown ripping a Pony's throat out with her bare teeth and then punching the head off, she can take a lot of punishment, and is extremely dangerous when on drugs. She once ambushed an attacker from above and crushed his skull under her forehooves/front hooves. She is also skilled with her personal heavy weapon, a Minigun named Rosemary. She has also been shown, using a pistol.


  • Is the mother of Slug.
  • Cares deeply about her son and improving their lives.
  • Uses drugs to augment her fighting abilities.
  • Very strong physically.
  • She is illiterate.
  • Is heavily scarred.
  • Keeps her mane bound up in a set of small ponytails.
  • Owns a Minigun named Rosemary.

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