Build-Me-Up Buttercup is a type of toy that was sold during the Great War.


Build-Me-Up Buttercups are a type of toy that was sold commercially during the war. The toys resemble robotic equines and were sold with little clip on tools. When Dead-Shot arrives at the Casino Royale, he notices a display of these toys that are surrounded by heavy firearm damage, yet the toys themselves were unharmed.

When holographic versions of Flim and Flam failed to sell Dead-Shot a Build-Me-Up Buttercup franchise, the toys went into "home defense demonstration mode" and attacked with energy weapons firing disintegrating beams of green energy.  Whilst in pursuit of Dead-Shot, the barrage created by so many Buttercups ended up vaporizing Dog, but turned out to have no effect on God.  The alicorn juggernaut subsequently destroyed the attacking toys.

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