Broken Reign before Leg incident

While I trot on the sacred and scarred ground of this Wasteland, I will do what we failed so many years ago. I will perservere...
– Broken Reign

Broken Reign is a captain in the Equestrian Army in Fallout: Equestria - Forsaken Heroes. He was one of the best snipers of the 8th reconnaissance division stationed  at Camp Luna. After escaping camp from invaders and fainting from a serious wound, he woke up in statis 200 years in the future, one he tried to prevent.


Broken Reign grew up in New Equine, Pasterland (ponified Ireland), With his father Agus, Mother Honeycomb, His two nephews and his cousin Vinny. While out At his job at a local pub, He overheard that a rival farm was getting nervous of Agustiine Ranch, Reign's family farm. He went home to find his Father and a unknown stallion arguing over the price on the farm. The stallion got angry and told Agus to watch himself. That night, 13 ponies burned down Agustiine ranch, with Reign, Vinny, and Agus Defending their family home. Reign was the only one to get out alive. Watching his family burning in the fire, telling him to leave them. He became enraged and stormed the rival farm, killing everyone who got in his way. He was casted out with only his rifle and the clothes on his back, only given the name of his cousins farm. He ventured toward the south, to find the only place he could find peace and a home, Equestria. After 8 weeks of trudging along, he came across Sweet Apple Acres, where HIs cousins Big mac and Applejack lived. given a job and a new family, He moved in with his idols and greatest friends Octavia and Viynl Scratch, After 3 years of living In ponyville, He was drafted into the Equestrian Army. In his time of enlistment, he gained officer rank and a spot In the 8th Reconniseance and Sniper Division.


Broken Reign is a unicorn, a tad bit taller than most ordinary ponies, with a redish coat and red and black mane and tail. Has Left front leg got blown off by anti-material fire, and been replaced by a cybernetic limb, has deep violet eyes.


Reign is a bit wily. He is cautious at first around the unknown ponies he meets, for the account of not knowing if they will try to kill him or not. He has a wild imagination that gets him in more trouble than anything else. but, in most situations, he's very stubborn and faces what he can head-on, sometimes literally.


  • Fang - A .308 Hunting rifle with scope. Broken Reign's family rifle, made by Grandfather. Has numerous scratches on the stock, each one indicating a kill in war.


Main Protaganist of Fallout: Equestria - Forsaken Heroes

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