Bright Skies
Full Name Celestia
Title Princess / Goddess
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Equestria

Gaia Prevails

Family Princess Luna - Sister

unknown - Husband (deceased)

Status Alive

Bright Skies is the name of the disguise Princess Celestia takes when she wants to walk around Canterlot like a normal pony in the side-story Gaia Prevails.

For the sake of keeping her FoE-canon page clean, all information related to Princess Celestia in Gaia Prevails are on this page.

Ancient History Edit

When dining with Spellfield and Sarina, Celestia tells them she has had an arranged marriage just like them, but she hadn't had enough time with her husband to learn to love him. Said marriage might have occurred before she "ascended into godhood".

Before the War Edit

Celestia is capable of a spell which allows her to see a future event, such as the war, which she tried to avoid, by creating a timeline with "Twilight's Ascension", where the war didn't come to pass.

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