Bright Feather
Bright Feathers
A Castaway on the Island of Death
Full Name Bright Feather
Title Lieutenant
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Enclave
Family Parents Unnamed
Status Alive
Lieutenant Bright Feather, Recon Unit 4 from the Grand Pegasus Enclave,
– Bright Feather
Bright Feather was a Lieutenant in the Grand Pegasus Enclave that crash landed on Mount Pleasant Island and is the protagonist of the fanfic Fallout Equestria: Lost Cove.

History Edit

Foalhood Edit

Bright Feather was born to a farming family above the cloud cover that provided food to the Enclave. However Bright Feather wanted to be more than just a farmer, and eventually left home to join the Enclave military.

Military Service Edit

After leaving home, Bright Feather underwent training in the Enclave's military. Eventually she was assigned to Recon Unit 4 after completing her training under Captain Hawk.

Mount Pleasant Island Edit

Bright Feather was the only survivor of Recon Unit 4 who was either killed in the crash of their craft or by the monsters living on the island. She was discovered by a Pegasus fisherpony named Horizon who brought her to the town of Lost Cove on the island.

Bright Feather had her first real taste of combat when she helped fight off a group of monsters that where attacking the town. She later buried her dead companions and went to the Pon! factory along with Horizon in order to find a radio transmitter that had been taken from the crash site.

It was soon discovered that it had actually been stolen by a local cult called the Nightmare Society, forcing Bright Feather and Horizon to search for them and uncover the mysteries behind the island.

Relationships Edit

Horizon Edit

Horizon had rescued her from a creature that had tried to attack her on the island, and has since accompanied her across the island.

Personality Edit

Bright Feather takes pride in her role in the Enclave, but is mostly unsure of what she's doing on Mount Pleasant Island. She hopes to make it back to the Enclave, but isn't sure if she'll be able to survive that long.

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