This old leader shall fall before me for his betrayal of us all! Raiders do not forgive! For blood! For revenge of our fallen in the Mall! His broken body shall be cast down!
– Breaks Many Foes
Chapter 17 - Murky Number Seven
Breaks Many Foes a.k.a Bonecrusher
Full Name Breaks Many Foes
Title Bonecrusher
Race Buffalo
Sex Male
Faction/Role Raiders

Bloodletter Clan (Murky Number Seven)

Status Alive
  Deceased(c.Chapter 17)

Breaks Many Foes is a huge buffalo raider, and a member of the now defunct Bloodletter Clan. He appears in Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven.


Breaks Many Foes is a powerful buffalo raider, with aspirations to becoming one the Big Four in the Bloodletter Clan. His chance to rise in power never came, as the clan were enslaved, and he was subdued along with them. Foes is incredibly dangerous and powerful, so he was kept under enchanted lock and key and used as a secret weapon by Red Eye. He drew lots with Wildcard when news of Brimstone Blitz appearing in the Pit began circulating. Foes won the chance to fight and kill Brimstone who he resented for turning on his fellow Raiders and the slaughter of Raiders in the Mall.

A titanic battle ensued between Brimstone & Foes, with the buffalo holding the initial advantage in the battle. Brimstone was outmatched physically, having been worn down by two previous fights. Regardless, he began fighting back much harder, finally managing to hurl both himself and Foes onto a mine. It initially seemed Foes survived the battle, but it was actually Brimstone who stood victorious, under his massive corpse. 



Foes was a massive buffalo, as tall as Big Brutus when rearing up on his hind legs. His hooves we thick and cloven, his coat dyed with Raider symbols and other grotesque art. Like Wildcard, Foes wears jewelry made of bones, most notably a bone going through his nostrils. He Is extremely heavy, able to create small shockwaves by slamming his forehooves down. He had long sharpened horns as well.


Breaks Many Foes had the typical raider mentality of wishing to inflict pain and suffering on others. He also holds loyalty to his fellow raiders and the clan as extremely important and despises Brimstone for his killing of fellow raiders and clan members. He wished to be one of the leaders of the Bloodletters and considers himself an equal to any of the Big Four.


Breaks Many Foes is incredibly strong, far stronger than most ponies. Despite his huge size, Foes is also fast, able to close great distances quickly and gore opponents on his horns. He also has massive stamina , able to fight for prolonged periods of time and is skilled in brutal hoof to hoof combat.


Foes doesn't use weapons, but he does have two bronze caps on his horns, to protect them and make his goring attacks more deadly.

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