We have ponies waiting for us, waiting for you to come back home. If you give up, if I give up - if any of us gives up, the game's over ... as long as there's still one of us going, as long as there's one pony still moving, there's still hope.
Box Cutter
Title Engineer
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Stable 91
Family Unknown
Status Dead

Box Cutter, also known as 'Box' by his friends, is an engineer from Stable 91, and Red Dawn's best friend. He is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn who is introduced in Chapter 1.


Box Cutter is extremely loyal to his friends, putting aside his own injuries or doubts to help or be with them, even if it means certain death. This is evident in Chapter 1 when he volunteers to leave Stable 91 with his friends despite his concussion. Box Cutter cares deeply for the well being of his friends, perhaps even more than himself.This is demonstrated when he is seen grieving Amber Fields' death and appears to have been deeply hurt by the loss of one of his best friends.

Box Cutter remains shockingly optimistic despite his stable's current situation, confident that his group of friends can secure a new water talisman for their stable. Despite heavy fatigue and Amber Fields' apparent death, he remains grimly optimistic, believing that even if one of his friends is still alive and kicking, they can still save the stable. He stresses to Red Dawn, who has lost much hope in the expedition, that they cannot give up no matter what happens to them. He is directly responsible for Red Dawn's belief in saving Stable 91 at any cost,


Box Cutter has been Red Dawn's best friend for decades. Box Cutter, Red Dawn, Dew Drops, Amber Fields, Star Glint, and Lightning Twirl, went to school together, and developed a close friendship with each another that persisted to this day. Much like Red Dawn, he too displayed an aptitude for machinery, and thus became an engineer after taking his CAT.

Following their expedition outside the Stable's doors, he and the others explored the harsh, freezing landscape of the Northern Wasteland. After getting his hooves blown off by Amber Fields' bomb rigged bags, he, and the rest of his remaining friends are ambushed by Snow Furies. Crippled and low on ammunition, Box Cutter is dragged away into the darkness to his apparent death. Despite there not being a body left to recover, Red Dawn believes him to be dead. His fate seemes to have been confirmed by Night Sky after Red Dawn wakes up in Dusktown, who had cleared the forests of Snow Furies not too long before his arrival.


Box Cutter, like the average engineer at Stable 91, is proficcient at the usage and repair of machines, and to some extent, arcane devices. He also demonstrates deadly proficiency with a battle saddle in combat against Snow Furies in Chapter 2. Star Glint is also frighteningly resistant to pain, and is described by Red Dawn as having been born without nerve endings,

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