Bosco is the protagonist from Fallout: Equestria - Old Souls. He is a young Earth Pony colt with a slate-grey coat, charcoal mane, and grey eyes.


Prior to meeting Snowflake, Bosco had survived on his own in the Wasteland for six years. He has moved from place to place, learning how to survive and to keep himself out of trouble. 

For as long as he can remember, Bosco has been in possession of three Memory Orbs. Being an Earth Pony, he was unable to view them himself, and finding a way to do so was a big part of the reason he initially followed Snowflake. While he was finally able to view his Memory Orbs after reuniting with Snowflake in Lethbridle, he still does not know their meaning.

The Memory Orbs were later stolen when the abandoned brothel that he and Snowflake discovered was infiltrated by strange Silver Fog creatures. Following his capture and release in Whinniepeg, as well as his subsequent recovery of one of his three Memory Orbs, Bosco has become more brooding and serious. His focus has shifted almost entirely to retrieving the other two Orbs.


He is naturally a helpful soul, always willing to do favours for friends. He doesn't, however, shy away from calling people out on their behaviour if he deems it necessary, and is less than trusting of strangers in the Wasteland. He often acts as the voice of reason to his more adventurous friends.


Bosco is a good survivalist, and is a very competent with using his pistol and knife in combat.

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