Bone Black was an earth pony stallion that Ripple encountered below the Stadium. He appears in Fallout: Equestria - Guise of Chaos.

Bone Black
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Faction and Role
Family Sister Ivory



Bone Black and his sister Ivory were alive during the Paragons takeover of the Stadium. The Paragons' army of Raiders was lead by Massacre, who showed little mercy and left very few survivors. Bone Black and his sister survived the takeover and were employed/enslaved as scavengers beneath the Stadium in the aftermath.

Present DayEdit

Bone Black was a part of the Red Dogs, the name given to a specialized crew scavengers beneath the Stadium. He was one of three members that Ripple met, the others being Ivory and Crossed Wires. Bone Black and the Red Dogs came across an abandoned Ministry of Peace facility. It had been cleared during the war, any research done moved to a different facility right before the balefire struck. Ripple knew that Massacre would likely have them killed for bringing them the bad news of an empty facility, and convinced Bone Black and Ivory to accompany him to Underhoof, where they could seek employment as scavengers.

Before they could leave, they found that Crossed Wires had rigged the room they were in to explode. Ripple narrowly missed killing Wires who escaped and detonated the explosives in the room. Bone Black managed to save Ivory and Ripple by bucking them away from the explosion, being mortally wounded in the blast. Ivory accompanies Ripple after his death in hopes of pursuing revenge against Bone Black's killer.

Post DeathEdit

Ivory keeps Bone Black's memory alive and seeks to avenge his death. She wears pitch black combat armour with his name painted in red on the side. Her primary motivation is to make Crossed Wires pay for her brothers death.



Bone Black like his namesake, had a pitch black coat and mane.


Bone Black was an accomplished and experienced scavenger, and had taught many of his skills to his younger sister.


Ivory - He was very close to his sister Ivory, protecting her even after Stadium was overrun and they'd been enslaved.

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