The Blood Brothers, also known as  'the Brothers' or the 'Reds', are an all male gang of savage criminals that operate in the city of Poneva in the Northern Wasteland. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


The Blood Brothers are a vassal gang that serves as the the East Eden Company's muscle. They are brash and incompetent, despite guarding most of Poneva's gates and ramparts. They are a rival gang of the Palominos, with whom they are constantly at war with. The Blood Brothers control all of the territory north of Poneva's gates where the the outer city is halved with the Palominos.

The Blood Brothers terrorize, bully, and steal from the weak. Their members are not well trained and are lacking in discipline, but find strength in numbers and brute strength. While an organization, their individual loyalties are very loose and many Blood Brothers partake in gang activities for their own benefit. Though lacking professional training, they are supplied weapons and armor by the EEC.


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