Black & White rose are a pair of unique .45 Pistols. Black Rose was wielded by Henrietta Firebright's father, but he had Puppy deliver it to Henrietta when he died in battle. The Pistol is black with a red line running along the barrel. The weapon is the twin of another pistol owned by Henrietta, only the twin is white and red.

The twin pistols are the main weapons of Henrietta. She dual-wields the weapons, and carries them in a pair of holsters. The guns stay with Henrietta throughout the story and were revealed as .45 caliber pistols in later parts of Henrietta's journey along Route 52. Henrietta casually shoots Puppysmiles with them jokingly since Puppysmiles would just regenerate.

The pistols are quite powerful firearms, shown when Henrietta's father caused an Attacking Griffin Talon's head to explode with a surprise attack. The Weapons are made to be wielded by a Griffon, based upon the ease and skill that Henrietta displays when she uses them.


  • The weapons are most likely family heirlooms of the Firebrights.
  • These weapons are noticeably larger than a 9mm pistol.
  • They were first mentioned as .45 caliber when she burst into the SolOS tower to save Puppysmiles.

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