Bedside Manner, officially introduced in Audio Log #004, was a hospital orderly at Ponyville Hospital in care of Screwloose until his firing following the rape of Screwloose.

Bedside Manner  is a minor character in the story Unscrewed Audio Files.

Bedside Manner
Full Name Bedside Manner
Sex stallion
Faction/Role Ponyville Hospital (Formally)
Status alive
  dead (Audio Log #008)

History Edit

Before the War Edit

He got a job as an orderly at Ponyville Hospital and was assigned to the psych ward. At some point he began to treat Screwloose as she acted, like a dog. This lead to a long term non-consentaul sexual relationship. At some point he acquired The Recorder from Dr. Cortex. The recorder was accidentally active during one of his rapes of Screwloose.

During the War Edit

Shortly following the Littlehorn massacre and formation of the Ministry of Peace, the recorder was found in his possession with the rape recording on it. The recording was brought to the hospital board. They opted to fire him and cover up the rape.

After the War Edit

He is somehow in Zebratown when Canterlot falls. He is turned into a Canterlot Ghoul. He is then found by Vial and told Screwloose is on her way. When he meets her he tries to rape her again, but instead she kills him.

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