Title Wasteland Outcast
Race Crystal Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Wasteland Outcasts
Family Fellow Outcasts (Considered Family)

Married to Vex.

Status Alive

Deceased for short time.

Beacon is a Crystal Unicorn mare, introduced in the Introduction/Prologue of, and is the main protagonist of Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Outcasts. She has no allegiance to any particular faction, instead travelling the Wasteland with her friends. She is from the Crystal Empire, where she resided during King Sombra's reign, electing to escape after hellhounds invaded, choosing to die on her own terms, rather than from a hellhound.


Her motivation is to one day return to the Empire and liberate its citizens from the hellhounds and King Sombra, so that they might live in peace. After travelling with her motley crew, DJ-Pon3 notices their activities and dubbed them the "Wasteland Outcasts". She is considered the leader of the Outcasts, as the group began with her. She uses the unique abilities of her and her friends to help anyone they can.

She is inspired by the deeds of Littlepip, which she listens to on her PipBuck radio. She played a major role in the purging of Whinnyapolis, in which the 'Whinnyapolis Raiders' are driven out from the city, the defeat of King Sombra, and the liberation of the Crystal Empire.

In combat, Beacon uses a stolen pistol as her main firearm, before finding 'Twilight's Resistance'. She relies on her telekinesis and PipBuck's S.A.T.S to defeat her enemies. Other than combat, Beacon is an avid reader and the leader of the 'Outcasts', deciding on what they are to do. She relies on her friends for advice, which she uses to her advantage to improve her plans.

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