Ballistic Hooves are a pair of impact shotguns designed to fit on a pony's hooves.


The Ballistic Hooves are impact fired shotguns, worn on the hooves of a pony. They are designed for close quarters combat, effectively firing off a shotgun blast at point blank range.

In Other StoriesEdit

Guise of ChaosEdit

The protagonist of the story, Ripple, owns a unique pair of ballistic hooves. The weapons are fitted into grooves carved into his rear hooves and strapped to his legs for extra stability. Each holds two shotgun shells, which have to be reloaded manually. The power provided by the weapons gave his already impressive kicking power the extra boost necessary to make each a killing blow.

It is revealed that the weapons were commisioned by Ripple's alternate self Two Kick early in his raiding career, and the weapons helped him garner his infamous name and reputation as 'Two Kick Rip'. They were made by Ripple's love interest Shade while she was a slave in Neighwhere.


In Outlaw, Elder War Machine of the renegade Steel Ranger contingent wears a pair of these on his forehooves.


The protagonist, Frosty Winds has a ballistic hoof built into her cyberclaw leg. This allows her to deal significantly powerful punches with her cyberleg.

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