Balk is a settlement in the desert to the east of Celestia's Acre


Before and during the war Balk was an important point in the supply route to and from Los Pegasus and Canterlot.


It hasn't changed much since the last day, being used as a part of the supply train for traveling merchants and scavengers.  It's landscape is dotted by suburban houses.  The Casa de Arena train depot building was converted to a kind of multi-use building, being used for city hall, the mayor's house, and as a park during the unbearible heat of summer.  Balk's main export (other than scavenged goods) is corn.

Due to a nearby, failed stable, the water supply was tainted and has slowly been poisoning the population.  The vast majority of Balk's citezenry have been infected by taint and show signs of mutations.

Key CharactersEdit

  • Plough is a young stallion working on his parents' corn farm.  He wishes to make something of himself, perhaps even visit other settlements.  A mutation has caused his blood to become a highly corrosive acid.  His hobbies include memorizing self-help books and spending time with his mare-friend, Chaff.
  • Shucks and Kandy Maize are Plough's father and mother, respectively.  Shucks is a corn farmer, semi-retired now due to an advanced case of cancer brought on by the tainted water supply.  He is an extremely abusive and cantankerous old stallion.  Kandy is a trained nurse originally from Celestia's Acre using her abilities and any medical equipment she can get her hooves on in order to save her husband.  She finds difficulty dealing with day-to-day life and spends much of her time in a delusional state.
  • Filibuckster is the polyamorous mayor.  Plough can see through his two-faced act.
  • Chaff runs the local general store/restaurant/bar with her father.  She is well-loved by the ponies of Balk due to her bright personality and direct language.

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