An ubiquitous presence in the Equestrian Wasteland, balefire radiation is the magical residue of the larger, harmful spells that used balefire. When a living creature is exposed to it, it accumulates in one's body over time. A creature can withstand small amounts of radiation poisoning without severe consequences, but as it piles up, it causes sickness, mutations, and potentially death. It possesses a strong necromantic component, and prolonged exposure is often the cause of mutations of varying degrees. Most such mutations can be harmful, but not always, and a restricted few can prove advantageous to the host. Ponies and zebras who survive severe radiation exposure are turned into ghouls.

After the Great War Edit

It has blanketed the lands of Equestria (and presumably the Zebra Empire), and has been absorbed by all matter, including air, earth, food, and water. Its concentration in most open places is next to none, but several locations are still severely contaminated.

Protection and Treatment Edit

Air filters are capable of purifying the air from radiation, and water talismans exist for cleansing contaminated waters. A living creature can be made resistant to radiation exposure by way of Rad-X, and if radiation is already in the body, Rad-Away allows the user to purge it from one's body and reverse its temporary effects, but there is no known way to reverse ghoulification

Variants in Side Stories Edit

Ghostfire (The Last Sentinel) Edit

Ghostfire is a form of Balefire employed in melee weapons. Ghostfire unlike balefire lacks the long-lasting, deadly radioactive effects. Ghostfire burns through armor and flesh with an intense heat, but does not spread to other targets and cannot be extinguished by non-magical means. Ghostfyre is employed in Azrael Razorwing's Ghostfire Scythe, Valkyrie.

Balefrost (Outlaw) Edit

Balefrost is a frozen form of balefire, emitted from Balefrost Dragons. The frost is capable of cryogenically preserving living organisms and reacts negatively to the magical fields of unicorns. Magic causes balefrost to emit massive amounts of radiation. Balefrost does not cause frostbite or frostburn, unlike real ice.

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