Balaclava's rifle is a weapon in Fallout: Equestria - New Roam used by Balaclava. It is an adaptive combat rifle with a rail system, on which can be placed a large number of different optical and combat attachments, like red-dot sights and under-barrel shotguns.

It was given to Goldwreath by operative Balaclava after the former was captured by the gang group of the latter. It is then revealed that Balaclava assassinated the original leader of the gang group and assumed her position. When Goldwreath, Balaclava, Doomtune, and Balaclava's sister are in the elevator going down to the first floor of the building, Balaclava hands Goldwreath one of his many rifles, as Tankbuster is too loud.

Balaclava dies in the attempt to help Goldwreath and Myst escape, and as such never gets to retrieve his rifle. It has since been in the possession of Goldwreath.(c.10)

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